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Civil Justice Allies

Civil Justice Allies


About Civil Justice Allies

The Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC) advocates for a level-playing field in civil justice system, so the process is fair for all Californians and there is less abusive litigation in our courts.

The Civil Justice Allies list recognizes those California legislators who promoted a fair, balanced civil justice system with their policy decisions in the prior legislative year. Generally, Civil Justice Allies are those legislators who ranked in the top half of the Legislature for civil-justice friendly votes or actively advanced civil justice policies.

Download the full Civil Justice Allies list (alpha order) here: pdf

2023 Civil Justice Allies


  • CJAC counted all votes taken in policy committees, appropriations committees, and final votes on the floor for key bills for which we had a support or oppose position at the time of the vote. We divided the number of favorable votes on key CJAC bills by the number of opportunities to vote. “Favorable” is defined as a) supporting a bill CJAC supports; or b) voting against/abstaining from voting on a bill CJAC opposes.
  • CJAC used the vote record at and counted NVR or “no vote recorded” as an abstention, although in some cases it may reflect absences.
  • In addition to votes, CJAC assigned extra weight to proactive favorable and unfavorable efforts by legislators (e.g., authored bill, floor speech) on priority bills or bills containing private rights of action (PRA).

Policy Basis for Position on Key Bills

CJAC supports legislation that promotes balance in our civil justice system:

  • CJAC opposes changes to our civil liability system that are unfair or create unwarranted liability expansions, promote frivolous litigation, or otherwise create imbalance or abuse the system.
  • CJAC generally opposes creation of new private rights of action, which allow private lawsuits under civil laws normally enforced by government, as they incentivize profit-seeking suits that primarily benefit plaintiffs’ lawyers.

Key 2023 Bills Used for the Civil Justice Allies List


SB 365 (Wiener) OPPOSE. Prohibits a trial court from staying proceedings during a pending appeal of an order dismissing/denying a petition to compel arbitration.


SB 581 (Caballero) SUPPORT. Creates more transparency around third parties who fund lawsuits.


AB 1228 (Holden) OPPOSE.  Imposes joint employer liability for fast food restaurant franchisors and franchisees. (PRA) (Later changed to no position.) 

AB 1394 (Wicks) OPPOSE. Creates PRA for social media platforms for alleged negligent acts. (PRA)

SB 278 (Dodd) OPPOSE. Expands liability for financial institutions for alleged financial elder abuse. (PRA)

SB 287 (Skinner) OPPOSE. Imposes civil penalties for allegedly addicting children to social media platforms.

SB 556 (Gonzalez) OPPOSE. Creates joint and several liability for oil well operators, owners, or board members for health issues in a health protection zone. (PRA)

SB 646 (Cortese) OPPOSE.  Creates a PRA against those operating online services or websites for alleged negligent acts. (PRA)

SB 680 (Skinner) OPPOSE.  Imposes liability on social media platforms for delivering user content to kids under 16. (PRA)


AB 1166 (Bains) SUPPORT. Limits liability for those who render aid during an opioid overdose.


AB 1404 (Carrillo, Wendy) SUPPORT. Provides defendants notice on how to comply with disability laws.

SB 585 (Niello) SUPPORT. Creates opportunity to fix alleged construction defects under ADA/Unruh.


AB 524 (Wicks) OPPOSE. Adds ‘family caregiver’ as a new protected classification under FEHA. (PRA)


SB 478 (Dodd) OPPOSE. Creates new and redundant PRA under the Consumer Legal Remedies Act. (PRA)


AB 1546 (Gabriel) OPPOSE.  Extends the statute of limitations to bring enforcement actions under the CCPA from one year to five years. (PRA)


SB 393 (Glazer) SUPPORT.  Requires disclosure of $1000 or more contributors to a CEQA action.

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