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About CJAC

About CJAC

A Voice for Balance


Founded in 1979, the Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC) is the only statewide association dedicated solely to improving California’s civil liability system, in the legislature, the regulatory arena, and the courts. Our membership base consists of businesses and associations from a broad cross-section of California industries.

Year after year, the business community counts on CJAC’s Public Policy efforts to hold the line on a barrage of legislation containing litigation threats aimed at California businesses. In the current legislative session, we have stopped numerous new private rights of action and unwarranted employer liability expansions.

The courts are another important legal reform channel, where CJAC’s Appellate Center program has seen significant success through amicus engagement at the appellate level on civil liability issues spanning damages, product liability, and landlord-tenant law.

CJAC also sponsors a number of programs to advance our mission and equip our members on a variety of fronts, including: California Project, FairPAC, and Local Action.

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To reach any member of the CJAC team, please visit the Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you!


How Bad is the Problem in California?

California’s Legal Climate Continues to Get Worse

California ranks 48th in the Institute for Legal Reform’s latest survey of the lawsuit climates in each of the 50 states, a regular assessment of state liability systems conducted by the respected, nonpartisan Harris Interactive market research firm. That’s down from 47th in the previous survey.

Making matters worse, Los Angeles, San Francisco – and the state as a whole – were among the four least-fair jurisdictions in the entire nation.


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