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A trusted source of expertise in legal reform and advocacy for almost half a century, CJAC’s mission is to confront legislation and laws that create unfair burdens on California businesses, employees, and communities.

Toward that end, CJAC offers research and guidance on policy issues that impact California’s civil liability laws. We’re fighting for a fair California by protecting against laws that could be used to exploit businesses.

Counted among CJAC’s many successes is the landmark initiative Proposition 64, which stopped “shakedown” lawsuits from being filed against businesses by private lawyers. California voters overwhelmingly approved the measure in 2004.

At CJAC, our vision for California is a balanced civil justice system which benefits all Californians and helps businesses, employees and communities to grow and thrive.

Read our Civil Justice Priorities booklet below to learn more about CJAC and our policy priorities and our Overview booklet to learn more about CJAC programs.

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