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How to Join

How to Join & Become a Member


Thank you for your interest in membership in the Civil Justice Association of California.

We are a non-profit association, funded entirely by contributions from individuals, companies, and associations who share a deep concern for restoring balance to our civil justice system.

Your membership makes you a positive force for change.

As a CJAC member you support a legal and legislative team that defends you against changes in the law that would tilt the liability system against you even more — a team that works year-round with lawmakers, judges, attorneys, the news media, and you to improve the legal climate in our state and nation.

As a CJAC member, you receive:

  • Discounts on lawsuit prevention webinars for your business

  • Subscription to our newsletter with the latest in legislative happenings

  • Special alerts when legislators need to be contacted about key issues

  • Access to key legal reform policy events

For further questions regarding membership in the Civil Justice Association of California, please contact Barb Souza:

Phone: (916) 443-4900
Fax: (916) 443-4306

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