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How to Join

How to Join & Become a Member


Thank you for your interest in membership in the Civil Justice Association of California.

We are a non-profit association, funded entirely by contributions from individuals, companies, and associations who share a deep concern for restoring balance to our civil justice system.

Your membership makes you a positive force for change.

As a CJAC member you support a legal and legislative team that defends you against changes in the law that would tilt the liability system against you even more — a team that works year-round with lawmakers, judges, attorneys, the news media, and you to improve the legal climate in our state and nation.

As a CJAC member, you

  • Receive our Weekly Wrap-Up of Sacramento activity during the state legislative session.
  • Receive our monthly Balance e-newsletter with brief updates on important legal reform news.
  • Receive special alerts when legislators need to be contacted about key issues.
  • Have access to information on political candidates’ views on legal reform and their contribution sources.

For further questions regarding membership in the Civil Justice Association of California, please contact CJAC’s office in Sacramento:

Phone: (916) 443-4900
Fax: (916) 443-4306

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